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The Yolo Crisis Nursery is a place of hope and help for families in Yolo County, CA.

Day and night, 365 days a year, we provide safe, temporary care for children up through age 5. We help parents manage emergencies, keep up with their jobs, learn a new job, get medical care, or just get a break. Our services are voluntary and free.

We wrap our families with loving care and help them become stable and strong.

Get Help

If you are experiencing a crisis, contact us immediately and speak with our staff. We are here to help.

If you are experiencing a crisis, call 530-758-6680 to speak with our staff.


To provide early intervention services in a safe environment to nurture healthy and resilient children, strengthen parents, and preserve families.


Every child in Yolo County grows up in a safe, loving and stable family.

Support the Yolo Crisis Nursery

The Yolo Crisis Nursery depends upon the support of generous, caring people like you.  Please help us with our mission and protect the vulnerable children in our community.

Law enforcement budgets depend on prevention efforts, and the nursery has a proven record (of preventing child abuse and neglect).

Trease Peterson

Youth Intervention Specialist, Davis Police Department

Why I like this nursery is because it is a home-like setting. They don’t have staff overturn, you go in to the same people, so little kids aren’t passed to unfamiliar caregivers. It’s really beautiful, I would be happy to leave my child there.

Cherie Schroeder

Instructional Specialist and Program Director, Foster and Kinship Care Education

Without the Yolo Crisis Nursery, some children sadly don’t receive the proper foundation to thrive or even survive. We can’t let our youngest and most vulnerable kids suffer abuse or neglect.

Mohini Jain

Retired teacher and philanthropist

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