Get Help

Little girl sits on woman's lap, both smiling

We understand that parenting can be challenging, and we want to help. The Nursery is a safe, welcoming place for anyone experiencing a crisis and in need of assistance.

What is the definition of “crisis”? Anything that keeps you from taking care of your child as well as you would like. Parents who love their child very much will find the courage to ask for help.

Our services are voluntary and free of charge. If you are a parent or guardian in need of assistance, please call 530-758-6680.

If you are a good match for our services, we will invite you to meet with our Family Services Coordinator to talk with you about your situation in a confidential and non-judgmental manner. Should you need it, we can help with transportation to the Nursery or a designated meeting place. Together, we will determine how long your child will need to stay at the Nursery.

We will ask for information about how to best care for your child. This will include a brief medical history, special dietary needs, or any other special needs your child might have.

Our care team will greet your child warmly, help them settle in, and determine what he or she needs first. It could be a warm meal, bath or a diaper change and fresh clothes. If your child needs medical attention, we will arrange it at no charge to you.

If your child stays overnight at the nursery, they will sleep in one of our cozy bedrooms with a caregiver nearby. Overnight caregivers stay awake all night. During the day, your child will join the other children in our infant program (ages 0-2) or preschool (ages 3-5).