Why We Are Here

We are here to help parents who need help. Simple as that.

If you have a child from birth to age 5, you are eligible for Nursery services:


  • If you do not have a safe place for your child to stay while you resolve personal problems
  • If you do not feel capable at this time of taking care of your child as well as you would like
  • If you have a family or relationship problem in which safety is a concern
  • If you have an important appointment but no one to watch your kids
  • If your life’s problems are becoming unbearable and you are taking them out on your child, or you feel like you might lose control
  • If you or a member of your family has a medical emergency or you are expecting the birth of a child and do not have a safe place for your child
  • If you have another kind of emergency.

Using the Nursery: Call 530-758-6680 for Help

We understand that parenting is a difficult job, and we want to help. The Yolo Crisis Nursery is a safe, welcoming place for anyone who may be experiencing a crisis and needs a helping hand. Our services are voluntary and free of charge.

What is the definition of “crisis?” Anything that keeps you from taking care of your child as well as you would like. Only parents who love their children very much find the courage to ask for help.

For security reasons, we don’t publish our address. We operate in a house in a quiet residential neighborhood in Yolo County. We’re located on a Yolobus route, and we can help provide transportation to our Nursery if you do not have any.

Getting Started

If you are a good match for our services, we’ll invite you to come in to the Nursery. If you have no transportation, we’ll help get you here.

Our Family Services Coordinator, Lisa Young, will sit down with you to talk about your situation in a confidential and non-judgmental manner. Together, we will determine how long your children will need to stay at the Nursery. This might be just a few hours or a few days. Your child may stay at the Nursery for up to 30 days over a six-month period.

Your initial appointment is a chance for us to refer you to other community services that may be helpful to you and your family.

We will also ask for information about how to best care for your children during their stay. This will include a brief medical history, special dietary needs, or any other special needs your children might have.

Our care team will greet your child warmly and help him or her settle in. They will determine what he or she needs first. It could be a warm meal, a bath, a diaper change and clean clothes, or something else. If he or she needs medical attention, we will arrange it at no charge to you.

At night, your child may sleep in one of our cozy bedrooms with a caregiver nearby. Overnight caregivers stay awake all night when we have children in residence.

During the day, your child will join the other children in our infant program (ages 0-2) or preschool (ages 3-5).

Care Packages: Diapers and More

Every young child deserves a supply of fresh diapers at the ready. If you cannot afford enough diapers to change them every time it’s needed, please call us at 530-758-6680 weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm. We can help. Delaying diaper changes can cause health problems for your child.

Other Resources

Every day, we refer our clients to the many services available to them in Yolo County. If you are in need of services, here are a few good places to start.

Yolo 2-1-1: This is a wonderful information hub linking county residents to vital health and human services, information and resources in the community. Visit the website of phone 2-1-1. This services is free, multilingual, confidential and available 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Yolo Food Bank is available to help any Yolo County resident in need of food assistance. Through its network of partner agencies, programs, and collaboration with Yolo 2-1-1 it can provide referrals specific to need and region. Visit the website or phone 530-668-0690.

Empower Yolo provides crisis intervention, emotional support, advocacy, information and referrals to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking. Visit the website or phone 24/7 for crisis support: 530-662-1133 or 916-371-1907.

Yolo Center for Families helps families in accessing support and resources to encourage health, stability, and self-sufficiency. Though officially a program of Empower Yolo, it has its own website and phone number: 530-406-7221.

CommuniCate Health Centers have provided health care to those in need since 1972. Services include primary medical and dental health care, behavioral health services, substance abuse treatment, health education and support. Visit www.communicarehc.org or phone:

  • In Davis, call Davis Community Clinic: (530) 758-2060
  • In Woodland, call Hansen Family Health Center: (530) 405-2800
  • In West Sacramento, call Salud Clinic: (916) 403-2900.

Support the Yolo Crisis Nursery

The Yolo Crisis Nursery depends upon the support of generous, caring people like you.  Please help us with our mission and protect the vulnerable children in our community.

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