July 25, 2021 Posted by Oscar Lopez

Little Things Can Make a World of Difference

Yolo Crisis Nursery Care Packages

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic with a hopeful eye to the future, we still see families with young children experiencing the emotional, financial and physical stress of the last 18 months.

The social and emotional impact on families with young children has been and continues to be severe. Finances are tighter than ever with prices of essentials like groceries and gasoline increasing, and it is becoming harder and harder for young families just to provide for their basic needs.

In the last year alone, the Yolo Crisis Nursery distributed a record number of care packages, almost 3,900, to families in need. These care packages are a lifeline for families in need and contain essential childcare items like diapers, wipes, formula, food, and clothing. The Yolo Crisis Nursery accepts new and gently used childcare essentials to help fill these packages. With just a phone call, the Nursery can assemble a care package to help provide the basic necessities to care for a child, just as we did for Navaeh.

After Nevaeh lost her job as a server in a restaurant, she was struggling financially, making it extremely challenging to properly care for her two young daughters. Between the long waiting periods for unemployment, the isolation of the shelter in place, and the stress of being a single mother, Nevaeh was at a breaking point. She had always prided herself on being able to care for her family, yet now she was unsure how they would survive until she could go back to work again.

Nevaeh was devastated with the uncertainty of not knowing how she was going to afford food and diapers. Thankfully, she called the Yolo Crisis Nursery, and we provided her with a care package of food, formula, diapers, wipes, and clothing for her two girls. Nevaeh minimized the stress for her children with this care package. This small lifeline allowed her to care for her children in the best way possible with frequent diaper changes and healthy, nutritious food.

Fast-forward six months and Nevaeh is back at work as a server in a restaurant and proudly providing for her family once again. The Nursery was there at just the right moment to offer Nevaeh’s family a well-timed helping hand to get them through the crisis with her children experiencing as little stress as possible.

Little things oftentimes make a world of difference in the lives of others. If you or a parent you know is in need of assistance, please call the Yolo Crisis Nursery Family Helpline at 530-758-6680. We understand parenting is hard, and we are here to help.

There are many ways to support the Yolo Crisis Nursery. If you would like to make a one time or reoccurring monetary gift or in-kind donation, please visit www.yolocrisisnursery.org/ways-to-give. You can donate online, by check, or even by donating items on the Yolo Crisis Nursery wish list.

If you are passionate about the Yolo Crisis Nursery’s mission and would like to volunteer your time and talents, we invite you to learn more about volunteering with the Friends of the Yolo Crisis Nursery or by applying to serve on our Board of Directors.

If you love a party for a great cause, the Friends of the Yolo Crisis Nursery are busy planning the Annual Yolo Crisis Nursery Barn Dance on Oct. 23. To learn more about the Friends or the Barn Dance please email friends@yolocrisisnursery.org. It is never too late to join the Friends — we hope to hear from you soon!

— Oscar Lopez is the operations manager for Yolo Crisis Nursery. This article originally appeared in the Davis Enterprise on Sunday, July 25, 2021.