Yolo Crisis Nursery Programs

The Nursery was founded in 2001 as a child-abuse prevention program. Protecting children is at the heart of what we do, and we want to do more. We help kids thrive and become resilient in the face of traumatic experiences. We fulfill our mission and achieve our vision through the Nursery’s signature programs: Crisis Overnight and Respite Care, Wraparound Services for Families, and Specialized Infant Day Care and Preschool.

Signature Programs

Available to newborn through 5-year-old children whenever their parents face a challenge in providing safe care for them. Ongoing respite care as crises resolve. 30 days of care over a 6-month period. Operates 24 hours per day, all 365 days of the year. The Nursery’s services are free and voluntary for parents.

Goals: Preventing child abuse and neglect; providing respite for stressed parents; nurturing healthy and resilient children and families.

What’s special: Trauma-informed care (staff has extensive training in recognizing and mitigating trauma in young children). One of only four crisis nurseries in California offering this level of care.

Yolo Crisis Nursery staff help parents and guardians leverage community resources for crisis resolution and assist with day-to-day challenges. These services are available to all who entrust their children to our care. We follow-up with the families at 30, 60, 90 days, and at one year.

Goals: Keeping families intact and moving toward long-term stability.

What’s special: Unique among care providers in our region. Gives parents hope for the future, empowers them to make positive change, and keeps families whole.

The Yolo Crisis Nursery’s infant daycare and preschool is available to children of families transitioning out of crises. It is also available to special-needs children and operates from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

Goals: The objective of this program is to promote the physical and emotional health of at-risk children. The trauma-trained staff addresses preschoolers’ developmental deficiencies to put them on a level playing field as they enter kindergarten.

What’s special: Trauma-informed care; lower-than-usual child-staff ratios, and remarkable staff longevity. The only program in California combining crisis care with ongoing specialized daycare and preschool.

Other Crisis Nursery Programs

Extended to families with children between 6 and 48 months of age to help parents strengthen their relationships with their children, while helping the children learn to regulate behaviors and emotions.

Goal: To help parents identify and respond to their children’s signals.

What’s special: Ten 1-hour in-home videotaped sessions where parents are provided positive feedback using video clip review and comments.

Extended to families referred by Child Welfare Services who are in the reunification process. Provides in-home parenting education.

Goal: Enabling parents to keep their kids healthy and safe once they’re home.

What’s special: Tailored to individual family’s needs; based on a research-validated program.

Bridges Nursery services with families across Yolo County. The client navigators go out into the community and meet the children and families in crisis and connect them to resources and services in the community.

Goal: To reach more at-risk children and families in Yolo County.

What’s special: We are able to reach and help many children and their families. Last year alone, we served nearly 200 families in Yolo County through this program.

Free behavioral and development screenings to identify behavioral and developmental challenges early.

Goal: Identifying behavioral and developmental challenges early to better prepare children for success in school and life.

What’s special: Once challenges are identified, the program then provides connections to community-based resources.

Care packages are offered to any family in need. Contents may include diapers, wipes, baby formula, and clothing.

Goal: Providing essential items to those without adequate resources.

What’s special: No questions asked and requests are rarely denied. Last year we provided over 2,700 Care Packages. Care package contents are compiled from community donations.

A monthly welcoming event for parents and children. Each month a new topic is presented and discussed. Parents/guardians are invited to share stories, feelings, and experiences, while children under the age of 5 are cared for by our Nursery staff.

Goal: To help our client families build a peer network, create a sense of community and start to develop a family support network.

What’s special: Meetings are intimate and casual. We provide dinner to ensure all families feel comfortable.

Daycare available to foster/kinship families during the first 30 days of placement.

Goal: Supporting the program’s recruitment and retention efforts.

What’s special: Helps ensure a smooth transition for new foster/kinship children.

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