November 21, 2016

Three Markets, Three Ways to Support the Nursery

We love our local groceries. We’re happily partnering with three of them to make it easy for our donors to support the Nursery:

  • Through Dec. 23: The Davis Food Co-op is collecting toys for the Nursery at its store on G Street.
  • Through Jan. 17: The Whole Foods Davis store on First Street is collecting coins in its check-out lines for us. Look for the jars with our logo and drop in your nickel rebates for using reusable bags or any spare change you have.
  • Ongoing: Nugget Markets will donate to the Nursery quarterly as part of its scrip program. Shoppers just show their registered scrip card at checkout, and the store will donate a percentage of their purchases. Email to receive a scrip card by mail. There’s no cost to you and big value to us!