May 31, 2018

Yolo Crisis Nursery Continues to Improve Lives

There are hundreds of personal stories that have come out of the Yolo Crisis Nursery since we first opened our doors 17 years ago, but few are as compelling as Sofia’s.

“I was college transfer student, pregnant with my second child. My ex was abusive, and I knew I needed to escape. With the help of a local domestic violence shelter I found a small one-bedroom apartment for my young son and me.”

Baby number two was due soon, however, and with no close friends or extended family available to help, she needed a safe place for her son while she was in the hospital.

“I’ve always been proud of how I take care of my family, but I was scared and desperate until a counselor at the shelter referred me to Yolo Crisis Nursery. With my son in the care of the nursery, my daughter was born during spring break. I will never forget coming home from the hospital to care for my kids, alone.”

Then a tough situation became more desperate when complications from the birth of her second child required surgery. Sofia missed classes, dropped her job search, and considered forgoing the medical procedure in order to care of her kids. That’s when the staff at the nursery stepped up again.

“With my children in the safe and loving care of the nursery staff, I was able to have my surgery and recover at home. Meanwhile, my kids received nutritious meals, health screenings, and activities that helped them grow and develop. Without a job during this time money was tight. The nursery provided me with care packages of diapers, formula, and other supplies when I needed them most.”

Emergency respite care for children is only part of the mission of Yolo Crisis Nursery. Long-term solutions to this family’s challenges would help prevent future crises. The nursery provided employment resources for Sofia and arranged for childcare for her kids so she could resume her job search. With that support, she was able to land a job and move to a larger, more comfortable apartment for the family of three.

Four years later, Sofia is still a single mom raising her two kids, now ages four and ten, while she attends Sacramento State to earn a degree in social work. She is also on the staff at a YCN partner agency in Sacramento, a job she loves. “I am a ‘Parent Partner,’ working closely with child welfare families to help them stay together, to keep their kids at home, and out of Child Protective Services.”

Sofia is thrilled to be a part of the solution for other families in crisis. “I help my families develop the resilience I found within myself when I needed it most, resilience I found with the help of the Yolo Crisis Nursery. My life is full and I look forward to the future. I can’t imagine where my kids and I would be now without Yolo Crisis Nursery.”

Our primary mission is to keep families together. Since 2001, YCN has served nearly 4,000 children with emergency and respite childcare and provided wraparound services to families in crisis. The services we provided to Sofia and her family are free of charge, thanks to the generosity of our major funders and community members.

We’re grateful to be able to announce that we raised more than $41,000 (online and offline) during the regional philanthropic effort of Big Day of Giving on May 3. This is a record-breaking amount for us and we appreciate both the ongoing support of community members and an increase in new donor gifts. We were also in the top ten percent in total funds raised, which includes major nonprofits in the region.

On behalf of the board of directors, staff, and all of the children and families who rely on the Yolo Crisis Nursery, a heartfelt thank you to our donors and to Davisville Management Company’s matching contribution. Even if you missed Big Day of Giving, you can still show your support by giving here.